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Melissa - SK8

Fall down, get back up, keep moving forward. We’re releasing our first ever skateboard.

In a sport originally disseminated by men, women have fought tooth and nail to make their own space.

They take on the streets without fear of exposing their hands and knees to the falls that go with the territory.

It’s mental, emotional, and empowering.

Skating, they’ve found an activity that involves much more than just the physical.

Inspired by these women, we’ve made our first skateboard.

Melissa SK8 has a clean esthetic. A transparent plastic deck. Design inspired by the classic Aranha 79 model. Golden glitter on the wheels.

An homage to the year Melissa was born.

It’s edition is exclusive – limited and numbered. There are only 1979 units for sale.


Own yourself
and your city.

Surfing the asphalt, women resignify urban space. They help to forge culture that’s sewn together by feminine empowerment.

Video - Melissa SK8

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Melissa SK8. A lifestyle that redefines concepts of fashion, art, and design.