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We opened our doors to our fans. That’s how our first collaborative collection was born.

What is the recipe for the Melissa of your dreams?


A brand can’t exist without its fans. But few brands ask them to create side by side.

Twenty girls from Rio formed a team with the following mission: conceive of a new Melissa. From research to its design, colors, and name.

Into fashion, art, and design, these Creators spent eight months with us in creative immersion.

The result of this immersion is the capsule-collection Trópico Surreal.

Leaving aside the common parts of the Marvelous City, the plastic materializes lightness and modernism in two models.

Melissa Creatives Flat is a flatform that combines the comfort of a flat with a grooved sole. Melissa Creatives Wedge is a platform with an asymmetric heel that comes in hot colors perfectly suited to Rio’s warmth.