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We Are Flowers

For Summer 2014, we started with a basic premise. Searching for references (literally) in our own Garden, we saw that the life born over there is our most obvious inspiration.

Seeing our women as the symbol of life that blossoms cyclically with each new season, each one is a flower.

All forms of beauty are unique within their organic formations.

Looking at the flowerbeds that color cities, Melissa saw a way to spruce up summer: with real women. Searching in the delicacy and femininity of spring, we found the raw materials for unique Melissas.

The Sweet Dreams flat, that wraps your feet in a leaf

The Petal, with a superposition of flowers and a satiny layer

In We Are Flowers, our patch of collabs had a fertile harvest. The Campana Brothers give us a stylized rosebush like only a duo of designers can. Vivienne Westwood mixes the weight of the Slave Sandal with tones of spring. And Karl Lagerfeld gives his touch to our sweet Ultragirl.

The season starts with an official — and exclusive — tune. Mallu Magalhães lends her sweet voice to our summer. She sings, celebrating beauty in the verses: We are flowers / We make the world better