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Open Vibes

Realizing that nature and everyday routine make us who we are.

In a world of constant evolution, pause for a breath.

An invitation to change attitudes.

In Open Vibes, we propose a simplification.

To explore the power of coexisting. To appreciate the beauty of imperfection. To be an open mind.

Natural lines guide us on a path towards self-knowledge.

They present a collection that’s about facing your day-to-day in a new way.

And free.

And free.

We unite comfort and clean design with Energy.

A robust slide that matches opposing moods.

Bend is a different moccasin,

for those who appreciate practicality.

We stimulate equilibrium with Zen.

A subtle, unpretentious mule.

Easy to wear and to match with anything.

Our new genderless slip-on model Preppy comes with an elastic upper detail, meaning no need for a fastening.

Open Vibes also has the already favorite Ulitsa.

In addition to coming in sizes 33/34 to 43/44, it gets a sneaker version.

Coexisting and co-creating with A/W '18, our collabs bring even more energy to the creative process.

Vivienne Westwood

creates new iconic models.

Jason Wu

combines delicate touches with intensity.

Baja East

brings attitude and elegance.



In the accessories universe, a line that’s even more complete transforms our routine.

In The Flow is our creation to help you connect with your own essence.

Melissa + As Cordinhas is with you for your relaxing moments.

Together with Cambridge
Satchel Co, a unique design gets its own definitive version in plastic.

Cute Bag is a reboot that expresses the season’s sensibility.

In a cyclical and continuous way,

we keep searching for more simplicity and affection.

Within that trajectory of discovery is the reflection of what we are.

And, moreover, what we want to be.

e age of a new consciousness is wide open. Are you coming?

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