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Melissa - Mashup

A liquid world. One that ignores divisions, barriers, borders. Where everything and everyone are a hybrid personality of puzzle pieces.

Dilluting certainties and beliefs, Mashup. Our Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

Timeless. Genderless. Ageless.

Past concepts fall to earth. Gender no longer defines fashion. Time, as we knew it, disappears.

Just like an hourglass, we come apart in a closed space – giving life to new possibilities. We twist and turn and bring forth a new era. A new life. A new beginning.

Classic and modern. Handmade and fast fashion.
Hippie, punk and grunge.

Fitting in is no longer necessary. We all share the same time and place.

Cutouts from a liquid world.

Mashup is coexistence: from different decades creating overlap; from different styles consolidating a new reference. What sets who you are is the way in which you choose to live your life. Your lifestyle. You.

This new
era is reflected in our Melissas.

In the atemporal style of Connected.In the 90's soul that meets the edgy in Sportech. In the super urban Cosmopolitan, with details that are both classic and modern. In Boemia's secondary personality — higher, more robust, and now a flatform.

Melissa Aranha Quadrada

Aranha Quadrada
Aranha Quadrada

A comeback that marks the history of Melissa.

It's the first time that a model makes its way back to shelves by popular request.

Our collabs are right here with us in this new time. Designers that are able to bring Mashup's concept to plastic.

The result? Jeremy Scott creates a new (and totally revamped) Ultragirl. Vitorino Campos bends the concepts of gender and time with creations that bring inspirations from the past into a modern shape.

Vivienne Westwood gives new life to her Rocking Horse, which is now a Sandal. Jason Wu designs new flats with his classic, timeless signature.

Rocking Horse Ballerina was created in 1986 by Vivienne Westwood for the Mini Crini collection.

Her inspiration? The burlesque ballet Petrushka, that tells a story of love and jealousy between three dolls.

That was exactly the idea: to make it look like a doll's shoe.

Its first plastic version was created for Dance Machine (Fall/Winter 2016).

Now it's gained wings (literally) in Mashup.

They add a light touch to its strong personality and British sobriety. Not leaving out the rebel rocker that's guaranteed by its medium heel platform.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Rocking Horse Sandal

Jeremy Scott gives new life to Melissa's most celebrated model.

With its straps, the new Ultragirl gets a brand new makeover and a must-have status for fans of the People's Designer.

Ultragirl + Jeremy Scott II

Jason Wu, known for the elegance of his designs, created two new Melissas.

Diane and Wonderful have a feminine essence and support all of their versatility on a flat heel.

Flox + Vitorino Campos

Wonderful + Jason Wu

Vitorino Campos is Mashup's big newcomer.

With a simple, elegant design he's created a new Flox. He shows his hybrid nature by creating Iris, a genderless flip flop, and Pupila, a thermal bag that can go from the office to the club.

Flox + Vitorino Campos

Pupila + Vitorino Campos

Iris + Vitorino Campos

In addition to Vivienne, Jeremy, Jason, and Vitorino, the rest of our team is made up of heavy hitters that break down geographic and creative barriers.

The Brazilian Campana Brothers Campana and Japanese Mariko Mori. The British brand Cambridge Satchel Co. and the ultra-Brazilian Salinas.

They all form part of Mashup's hybrid universe.

Campana Papel

Space Love + Mariko Mori

Harmonic Sandal + Salinas

Who's to say what's a trend?

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