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Melissa | Family

Family means belonging.

Belonging to a group that molds and transforms us throughout our lives.

Welcome to our “Family”. Melissa's S/S '19 collection.


This season is for living who we are. Expressing and appreciating our similarities and differences.

When like-minded individuals coexist, the family nucleus can be reinvented.

Bonds of blood, friendship, pets, passions. A band, series, author, or brand.

Energies interweave to inspire a collection designed to materialize feelings and memories.

Forming the essence of who we are, our childhood memories. Narratives that paved the way for our current life paths.

Family is a mother's touch, grandma's food, a brotherly laugh. Playing outside with cousins, arguing with siblings, and a hug from dad.

Saudade reflects the details of hand-stitched crochet

as a flip flop with a touch of nostalgia.

Rain Boot has a new, clean design and comfortable shape.

For facing the rainy days of every season.

Odd is a fresh, comfy new model mixing a sporty shape and organic lines.

Non-stop street energy unites us with our crew. It's where we belong, and we're stronger together.

Family means all night talks, telling secrets, an easy embrace. Going out with your friends and feeling cared for and understood.

Crew has a 90's soul with unexpected details and high top attitude.

A new type of day-to-day sandal can be found in the easy feel of Crush.

Fragments of our surroundings make up part of our personality.

What it means to me, it can mean to everyone.

In the era of technology our behavior is a reflection of our community.

Family is a group playlist, watching a series together, sharing your lifestyle, taking group selfies.

We've deconstructed a classic and re-imagined the edgy street energy of Ugly Sneaker.

Squad lives up to its name

bringing together elements that form something stronger as a whole. Sizing has been extended to 43/44.

"Family" dilutes certainties and breaks from tradition, bringing you a line of accessories that represent new possibilities.

Lata is a concept bag

that's inspired in daily routine, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

The utilitarian Tote Bag can carry anything and be worn however.

Refraction II is a comeback full of practicality.

Our creative family also includes some exclusive collabs.

Salinas is beach soul translated into Melissa's plastic.

We united with our co-sister Rider and mixed past with present, bringing you style that stays out as long as you do.

Working together again with Alexandre Herchcovitch, our reboots incorporate the individuality of his new brand: À La Garçonne.

Jason Wu projects daring simplicity in brand-new models.

Vivienne Westwood lends her signature rebelliousness and authenticity

NYC duo Baja East mixes opposites to conceive a unique version of diversity

Much like any family portrait, our S/S '19 values its heritage.

It reminds us that the intrinsic values of our relationships are what define us.

Which one is the subject of your desire?

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