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Melissa | Color Me

Feeling. Sharing. Reshaping

Colors evoke sensations. Emotions past and present, rekindled memories, who we are and who we're becoming.

Our S/S '20 reflects this simple but powerful connection.

In Color Me, we've gone back to a truth that has always brought together all people and every moment of our journey. It's a collection that celebrates the infinite scope of colors present in human experience.

Color is sensory perception, and there's nothing that makes us more human than the ability to feel.

This season new tones breathe life into classics like never before. Galáxia evokes 90’s energy, in celebration of Melissa's 40th anniversary.

More color means more fun. More Melissa.

Both revolutionary and organic, Colors form a link between past and future.

Inspired in the attitude that made 90's top models so famous, Model revives the power of a groundbreaking decade in its new chrome version.

Another historic Melissa model, redesigned and brought back for Color Me: Star In Love Low. Without the platform, this open sneaker comes in tones that awaken and inspire.

Primary, secondary, imaginary.

Color is a subjective experience, open to unlimited interpretation. Spider weaves together Posession's straps forming a unique, elongated look.

Minimal and uncomplicated, Violet radiates a feeling of levity. Love Lip is a chrome surprise with easy, airy design.

Each color is relative, transformed in the eyes of the individual.

An exchange between human perception and the immutable universe. Ginger is a new expression of Melissa's DNA: bold in shape and available to all in extended sizing.

Affection. Personal experience.

Melissa com Pochete is another revival for celebrating our 40th anniversary, also available in a Mini version.

Nuance. Contrast. Carry On. Keep it in your bag, carry it as a clutch, make it a keychain, or just clip it to your belt for a little extra pop of color.

The intensity of our collab also helped shape Hatch + Opening Ceremony. A fresh, vibrant fusion of elements.

By toying with different shapes and tones Ladii + Opening Ceremony channels Ladii's disruptive feel into expressive co-creation.

Flipp + Open Ceremony unites intensity and ease, interweaving a blend of colors and references.

Essential Slide's name says it all. Its contours are simple but smooth enough to guarantee maximum comfort in each step.

A chromatic flow for revolutionary power.

Movement, lightness, and serenity help define Mellow, a sneaker made for everybody and sized up to 43/44.

Subjective or collective,
In life as in all colors.

Different takes on different tones.

Once again Vivienne Westwood graces us with her vivacity. VWA + Melissa Doll V combines retro, romantic, and versatile touches into a brilliant model that's anything but black and white.

The sense of renewal that inspires our S/S '20 reverberates in Purple, a new fave for heel lovers everywhere. Simple lines grace a shape that's the right balance between structured and delicate.

Rose, a flat with loops that surround and support the foot, adding an extra pinch of color your daily routine.

Contour and sensation in a heel that's made for inspiration. The type of model you put on when you're ready to experience something totally new.

A season with more shine, saturation, and contrast.
Colors that can blend and lighten- or pop and provoke.

Flats Aurora (sized to 39/40) and Ginger (to 43/44) lend some new shades to everyday life.

A classic character from the era of monochrome, brought back to life for Color Me in our authentic jelly shoes.

Possession + Gato Félix is a genderless model that has Felix the Cat gracing the insole and a removable close-up of his expressive face.

Another funky black and white accessory is our Magic Bag + Gato Félix, a fun re-reading of Felix's magic bag of tricks.

Side by side with Melissa, Jason Wu falls perfectly into stride with the sensibility of colors in this S/S '20.

He now brings us two super special reboots: Pointy II + Jason Wu with its double bows, and Mule II + Jason Wu, redesigned with a full-plastic weave. The texture was also adopted into the lovely all-new Camilla + Jason Wu.

Calm, chill, collected.
Salinas unites their beach vibes to the Melissa universe, with all the colors and sensations of a warm summer afternoon.

Textures on the straps of Cosmic II + Salinas take you straight onto the sand. The Salinas collab's signature feel is also present in Clutch + Salinas, an adaptable bag you can take anywhere with- or without- its handles.

From the seaside into the heart of the city. Sinuous lines shaped by a gentle Rio breeze make Dance + Salinas a flatform with curves that can't help but intrigue.

Good vibes.

We believe in open eyes and open minds, in seeing all the possible colors.

And we're head over heels for Ginger.

Light in essence and light on your feet.
Carbon is basic but still discreet enough for wherever you decide to show off your true colors.

Mingled memories from back in the day with Beach Slide + Mickey and Friends. Our chilled-out slide model has been recreated with some of the world's favorite cartoon pals.

Nothing but rainbows and no shortage of amor this S/S '20. Love Bag radiates pop sensibility as it chases the grey away from your routine.

How will you color your today?

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