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Cine Melissa

Cinema has always been a way to see the world in a different light. To search the unreal for a world beyond our routine.

Cinema is imagination. Cinema is stories.

Looking for inspiration for new narratives, Melissa went to the city where it all began. In Rome, the Cinecittà is the history of the seventh art.

Turim (also in Italy), and likewise India also served as muses for our collection.

In Asia, we dove deep in one of the most characteristic points of local production: the colors.

Bollywood, the mecca of Indian cinema, borrows its suffix from its North American cousin to show its effervescent side — that effervescence that we see close up, exploding in references for Cine Melissa.

The Billy Creepers model comes in radiant tones: pink and turquoise.

Ultragirl got some new details, and even a classic low heel that’s custom to the divas of cinema.

We want you to write your own stories too. Be more than a spectator, write your own script. Make Melissa your mood of the day: be it romance, action, or comedy.