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Zaha Hadid

I never took no
for an answer.

Zaha is the only women to receive the Pritzker, the world’s biggest award in architecture.

Such an achievement — that puts her name is on the list of the world’s 100 most powerful women — is explained by this Iraqi’s strong personality.

Zaha Hadid was born in one of the first Bauhaus style homes in Baghdad, at the start of the 50s.

The casualty sounds almost ironic: the world’s best architect, created in the atmosphere of the greatest school of architecture and design of all times.

This coincidence may not have influenced her creations. But it marks her story as a harbinger. The birth of an icon.

Challenging. The word that defines this architect of futuristic designs.

Forcing the preconceived idea of constructions to its limit, she creates imaginary lines as if in a fantasy world.

Having seen her power and avant-garde style, we sent her challenge back to her. And so Melissa + Zaha Hadid was created.

The world is not a rectangle

Together we thought of a shoe that transcends the idea of being simply a shoe, a decoration, an accessory. We made a work of architecture for the feet.

Our creation is like those of Zaha — that can be seen on the streets of Japan, France, and England. It obeys their sinuous lines, their cutout of the future.

Our intention was to create a shoe that explored new possibilities in terms of design and manufacturing technique

Lending our world to Zaha, we permitted for the asymmetry of her work to be materialized in plastic technology.