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Vitorino Campos

I observe the daily life. People. That's what awakens every collection inside of me.

A steady hand, careful movements. Vitorino Campos is in no hurry. He looks at the world with the same urgency of water dripping from a faucet. He scrutinizes all that surrounds him. He sews routine from end to end.

For Vitorino, fashion is a pastime.

Melissa + Vitorino Campos comes from a delicate universe, but searches to travel between different worlds.

I saw the desires of opposing women, with styles that differ one to another. The collection traces a line of desire in people that's independent of their style and how they live.

Like Pupila, the stylist's iconic bag that has now been brought to plastic.

Its size and colors make it the perfect company for work, dinner, or any party. And its thermal interior means you can use it to carry lunch, too. Inseparable company.

Its multiplicity makes Pupila associable with various styles, numerous personalities.

For the Fall/Winter '17 season, Vitorino has created his own version of two models that are dear to our hearts.

Grunge + Vitorino Campos and Flox II + Vitorino Campos have sober colors and sporty soles – and sa new silver glitter version each.

Flox II + Vitorino Campos also comes in extended sizes. For the ladies and the gents.

The sharpened eye of Vitorino Campos has made him known as one of his generation's best stylists. His youth doesn't limit his resumé, and at 16 he was emancipated to open his first store. Currently, in addition to his own brand, he also gives life to designs of the Brazilian brand Animale.

A chat with the fashion designer makes you understand that it's fashion, actually, that makes choices. It adopted him long before he became aware that the choice had been made for him.

That's why Vitorino keeps his gaze steady. Focused on inspiration and expiration, yin and yang. The old and the new.

The classic Flox got a brand new reshape in 2016. And Seduction brings us Vitorino's signature in its stitching details.

I went to see Melissa's production process. It's a very painstaking process, full of love.

Vitorino listened to the machines rumbling. And heard violins.

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