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The products from Melissa + Sebastian Errazuriz are a commercial reproduction of The Boss and The Gold Digger, artworks created by Sebastian Errazuriz for the 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers exhibition. These artworks represent the artist’s vision and interpretation of Melissa.

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Sebastian Errazuriz Melissa Sebastian Errazuriz

What if a shoe could be
a romantic connection with someone?

Everyone has a warm memory about an old flame. In an instant, a smell remembers their skin, an object their touch.

It was with these loves in mind that the Chilean artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz found inspiration for 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers.

He looked in warm bodies, toasty sheets, and even cold hearts for memories that could transform sensation into art. And art into a Melissa collection.

We all have an ex that we loved deeply at some point in our life. In some moment, that ex was the most important person in the world to us. What if we could bring them back? What if we could bring those stories back and honor them in a loving way?

Melissa + Sebastian Errazuriz present 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers


Shoe 3.
The Gold Digger

"i parked my old car outside my girlfriend's house. A blue Porsche parked next to me, ALLISON got out of it as it left.
- My boss was laughing he said it's funny that all artists like to have old beat up cars.
ALLISON worked as a journalist for a TV station. She was gorgeous, the camera loved her, apparently so did her boss...
ALLISON grabbed my ass,
- Come to bed my poor starving artist.
i got into bed annoyed. we fucked hard and long. i wasn't even into it; i just wanted to prove myself in bed for everything i couldn't buy.
- Seb, all my girlfriends are going on a trip to Brazil invited by their boyfriends...
- you know i can't afford it now, please just wait a bit, i promise some day i will do well
ALLISON didn't want to wait. Apparently her boss didn't either."

Shoe 8.
The Boss

"it was always awkward to have sex with RACHEL.
i never knew when i had to give or take power.
it was like playing with a bomb you did not knew when it would burst.
she was a hardcore feminist but in bed she woud pretend to be a little girl and volunteer giving me stripteases or want me to spank her. the next day if i would bring her flowers she could give me an hour long speech about how macho it was to buy flowers to a girl.
you never knew what to expect.
when one day she surprisingly strolled by wearing my last pair of underwear, i was forced to decide if i wanted to wear her panties or if i could go home for another pair and escape to safety.
the last time i saw her, she was overly flirtatious and touchy-feely. i spanked her butt playfully. she purred.
And then — my mistake — i slightly spanked it again. She smacked me so hard i almost fell on the ground."

The Boss and The Gold Digger. Such expressive names for the Melissa + Sebastian Errazuriz pieces remind us of the amorous past of the artist who now lives in New York.

The result was first seen in a Melissa Pop Up store in Miami, during Art Basel 2013.

Initially an exposition, 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers was so successful it was made into an exclusive collection, sold only in the Melissa galleries of New York, London, and São Paulo.

Together with us, these two lovers took to the streets as shoes that hold the shaky signature of two near-lovers that mark Sebastian’s history.

Art allows us to add emotions and feelings to product design in such a way that it can become something much stronger, and can allow people to really connect with it

Sebastian Errazuriz’s vanguard character has already taken the world by storm as a reference to a bilateral work. A work that mixes art and design, seeing no limits between the tw.

It proves that to create, one needs only one good inspiration: loves capable of lasting forever- even if “forever” lasts only one night.

Together, we transformed a shoe into much more than just a shoe. Into a form of expression.

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