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Jason Wu

My philosophy has always been to construct a piece from the inside out.

The old maxim that beauty comes from within.

Jason Wu believes that everything we wear is a reflection of our expression, of what we are in our intimacy.

A trained eye.
He understands and observes
women’s forms. From modeling and structure to the idea of beauty generated in self-affirmation.

And the result of this process? Oscar winner Natalie Portman and First Lady of the U.S. Michelle Obama are some of the names that keep Jason’s creations in their closets.

Born in Taiwan, he entered the world of sewing very early. He started producing dolls’ clothes while still a child. From there, he reveals his familiarity with the female form- that later would delineate his work.

In 2005, the gig became more than just a doorway to fashion business. It became a reality: six dolls are created for the famous drag queen RuPaul.

They all wear Jason Wu.

I have always found a woman’s body to be especially beautiful ever since taking my first life drawing class as a teenager. I was drawn to fashion design as it is my passion to create garments that enhance and flatter the female form

Our relationship with Jason started with inspiration in real women. In summer 2012, he customizes two of our hits.

Melissa Ultragirl is the perfect day-to-day companion. And Melissa Lady Dragon makes the delicate reign.

Valuing practicality — a word we’re all about — he shows us a fashion outside of the commonplace, made by a real woman.

Almost two decades after his start in the world of mini-clothes, Jason carries the title of prodigy.