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J. Maskrey

I would be extremely bored if I always had to do the same thing.

J. Maskrey is restless.

In a career of diverse professions, she proves that it’s not always necessary to choose but one path to be successful. Makeup artist, designer, creator of skin jewels. Defining her with just one word is a task for very few — and, in a way, it’s unnecessary. She is every women rolled into one.

I wanted to do painting and I decided that it was a good idea: Why not? I'll just paint on people's faces.

J. Maskrey started her career as a make-up artist. Among her clients, none less than the Irish band U2, who she toured with in the early 2000s.
With time, her passion for eyeliner pushed her to take a step. To move the touch up game forward, she decided to incorporate other elements into her work.

And that’s how her most famous creation emerged: body jewels.

Anyone born before the end of the 90s lived the fever of body jewels. Stars, butterflies, hearts. Diverse shapes and forms covered the arms and shoulders of the women of the time.

The name behind this fashion? J. Maskrey. Her tattoos adorned celebrity skins that showed the glimmer of their careers in Swarovski crystals.

The idea became popular worldwide. The delicate work with stones is the embryo of her signature on the world of fashion. And also on our partnership: for it’s in J's refined crystals that are collab was forged.

Our partnership was established over a decade ago, with Melissa Couture.

The fever was instantaneous: every woman dreamed of one in their closet. Not even celebrities were left out.

Mariah Carey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna e Lady Gaga. They’ve all been seen sporting Melissa + J. Maskrey.

Maskrey mixes the extravagance of crystal with classic attitude, taking our shoes up a step. Or rather, up an alter.

A unique collection is born of our collab: Wedding is a special piece created for those who never leave Melissa behind. Not even on the big day.

Together with the designer, models Ultragirl and Lady Dragon get touches of pearl and Swarovski. Hand glued, they transform Melissa into a jewel.

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