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Gaetano Pesce

We’re all full of defects. When we try to hide those defects, we create a very abstract beauty. Very empty.

Valuing imperfection, the architect and designer Gaetano Pesce creates a new concept of beauty. Breaking formulas, he generates lasting work.

He constructs a career as solid as the concrete in the buildings he designs.

Born in Italy and living in New York for over four decades, Gaetano creates based on an observation of the contemporary. He inverts the basic idea of design — to create based on a product, and not a solution. He finds creativity on the streets and within the elements of his routine, offering a breath of fresh air to his art. Through this oxygenation, that art takes on new forms.

In his creations, Gaetano always uses materials similar to plastic. Thus, our collab is born in very spontaneous way: he brings his form of looking at the material associated with a new practice, fashion. And we bring our characteristic plastic that’s associated with the hunger for contemporary ideas.

Together with us, this Italian enthusiastically imprints his designer and architect fingerprint on a project of small proportions - metric, that is.

It’s like buying a
piece of paper and a pencil

That’s how Gaetano defines Fontessa, our project together. We’ve created a customizable shoe, made to be transformed into its wearer’s preferred form.

Formed by laterally connected bubbles, the ankle boot easily becomes other models of footwear with the simple help of a pair of scissors.

With no formula or rules, Gaetano allows you to make your own Melissa. A perfect fit for your own unique particular beauty.

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