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Melissa + The Cambridge Satchel Company

"If life becomes all about what’s absolutely necessary then it becomes very grey."

A collection to have and to hold.

Yellow, pink, blue, red, black – and the holographic heartbreaker. They’re the colors of a collab that sublimates two essences. On one hand, a Brazilian brand known for its plastic dreams. On the other, a name that’s famous for imprinting British tradition and culture into iconic designer bags.

“Fashion, style and design all sit very much as being an important part of everyday life. Fashion and design are so important to keep life colorful. And keep life interesting”

Julie Deane, founder of The Cambridge Satchel Co

“It’s always wonderful to work with a brand who is just so excellent in what they do. They have a signature and a sense of themselves”

Melissa + The Cambridge Satchel Co. is made of 100% recyclable plastic. They maintain some of the British brand’s trademarks while bringing Melissa’s trademark: a characteristic bubblegum smell.

but global

“There are such strong parallels between us. I think that’s what’s so lovely… is that in two countries so far apart you can find two brands that have so much in common”

Both Melissa and CSC are companies that have similar values in their DNA.


“Collaborations really set out the expectation of those people that you’re willing as a brand to work with. Melissa is a brand where the ethics, sustainability, the quality and design process matter”

Collabs are very much like people. It’s good to have friends that you really admire.

Melissa + The Cambridge Satchel Company, Workshop

“We hope to give people something that is so incredibly well made. It’s something that you buy and you treasure”

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The Melissa + The Cambridge Satchel Co. collection is on sale in online and physical stores of both Melissa and the CSC.

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