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For many, putting an idea onto paper is an attempt to simplify it.

Not so for Zoe Bradley.

She’s the artist responsible for the new installation at Galeria Melissa London, and is known for her work that’s made up of hundreds of folded papers. “I work with paper just as a designer works with fabric.” 

With 1000 sheets, Zoe made the 400 flowers found in Neon Garden, her installation in our London flagship.

The installation features a large suspended Lotus sculpture alongside a kaleidoscopic floral animation in the entrance area of the Galeria Melissa. Downstairs is the garden oasis where the walls are covered in large-scale topiaries and a large central Lotus sculpture slowly rotates on a floor plinth, echoing its motion onto the ripples of a pond.

We had a chat with Zoe, who told us that she “wanted to create an exotic garden celebrating the feminine, architectural shapes of flowers”. Which, just between us, has everything to do with our next collection: Flygrl.

Come see.
1. In interviews you said that you love working with “non conventional” materials. In a way, Melissa does the same thing: we make shoes in plastic. Do you agree?
My vision has always been to make something from nothing. I actually made my first pair of shoes in paper at 8 years old. Melissa collaborates with some of the most exciting and innovative designers working today, across all fields, including furniture, jewelry and design to create incredible works of structural design. I hope my vision of flowers can be a great compliment to these beautiful objects of desire.

2. You often fold dresses that are made out of paper. Do you think that fashion is art?
Fashion is an artistic statement that I look to, using elements of fashion in my art. Couture and avant-garde fashion designers fuel my artistic ideas. I look to find interesting silhouettes and details I can incorporate into my sculptures.

3. Isn’t it difficult to work with a material that is so delicate – and in a way, ephemeral?
Paper is a delicate material that takes patience and a sensitivity to work with. However the paper I work with has a metallic feel and can be quite durable.  I pleat, fold, stitch and curl the paper; pushing the material to its structural limits.

4. How long does it take you to create a piece?
I create all my paper pieces in my studio. The length of time to create any one piece is usually from four to six weeks. Factors such as scale and detail will always have an impact and make the job more complex.

Follow Zoe on Instagram here.

You can visit the exposition any time after June 16th, at Galeria Melissa London.
Neon Garden
By Zoe Bradley
43 King Street, London
Free admission 
Images by Arthur Woodcroft

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