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Black fur, white eyes, and a mischievous grin.
The feline phenomenon from our newest collab has been getting into trouble for over 100 years. Now, it’s time to have fun.

Melissa + Felix the Cat brings back a 90's icon in three exclusive releases: Possession + Gato Felix, Magic Bag + Gato Felix and Keyring + Gato Felix.

Anthropomorphic Felix the Cat was born in the USA in 1919. Created by Otto Messmer and Pat Sullivan, he was one of the world's most original cartoon successes.

Living in a universe filled with surreal adventures (in which he always manages to end up on top), Felix is 28th on the list of the "50 greatest cartoon characters of all time" by TV Guide.

This is a collab that's pure nostalgia, but also has plenty to say about the future.

We want to revive the authenticity, fun, and intrigue of Felix the Cat. After all, we all have our "Felix moments" from time to time. If only we could have a magic bag too... 

Meet the three new Melissa + Gato Felix releases

Possession + Gato Felix
One of our most iconic and loved designs with the feline fun of Felix. Because the detail is removable, you choose when to have him along on your adventures. 

Possession + Gato Felix is sized up to 43/44. Ready to get into a little trouble.

Magic Bag + Gato Felix
Melissa's take on Felix's most prized possession. Fun, authentic and irreverent, this bag's the perfect size to help you out of any sticky situation. 

One thing's for sure: you won't want to be caught without it. Take it home today.

Keyring + Gato Felix

Last but not least is a way to take Felix himself with you wherever you go.

This cute touch is something fans shouldn't go without. See it up close here. Melissa + Gato Felix is already available at our online stores.

And to make sure nobody misses out on the fun, Felix is also available in Mini and Mel versions (so kids can join the fun). 

Click and make little paws happy today.

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