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Alexandre Herchcovitch is one of Brazil's most renowned fashion stylists. Translating the bustle of the streets into unique design, he's led his label of the same name for 23 years and made Brazilian fashion history.
Until he decided to reinvent himself.
He teamed up with partner Fábio Souza and faced the challenge of taking creative leadership at À La Garçonne – a brand that creates a new lifestyle through sustainability and materials reuse.
Created by Fábio in 2009, À La Garçonne started as a thrift store, selling second hand pieces and decorative objects. Little by little, it started gaining space and fans until arriving at the catwalk of São Paulo Fashion Week– the country's most important event in fashion.

Conducted by the concept of upcycling, the duo believes in circular economy and uses fabrics from recycled materials and dyeing processes that don't pollute to create their pieces.

They're the reflection of the all new purposes attributed to materials that before would have been thrown away, and they express a new, freer, more democratic way of thinking about fashion.

The duo is now the protagonist of a new chapter marked by transformations. 
Challenge the commonplace.
Transform the urban lifestyle.
Three new models to step into the visionary idea of Melissa / À La Garçonne – reboots that comes as the label's core: re-signification.

The Creeper / À La Garçonne combines our long-cherished model with the texturing and the collab's signature. It comes in extended sizing for everyone take their own path.

Crossover straps get extra volume with the label rope detailing. Energy / À La Garçonne is robust, anatomic, flexible, and genderless.

The Cosmic Sandal II / À La Garçonne brings the double strap with some new elements to the table. The rope detailing features the collab's exclusive identity. 
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"In my work, I see everything I imagine doing through to the end – just like Melissa."
Have a look at the chat we had with Alexandre Herchcovitch at the Melissa / À La Garçonne show release.
Melissa and Alexandre Herchcovitch is a partnership that has marked generations. What connects your identity to our DNA?
Melissa researches raw materials in a way that's really connected to my work, and like me, also has the capacity to carry out everything they design. I think that's extremely important for creators and stylists alike. I also think that in my work, I see everything I imagine doing through to the end- just like Melissa. That to me is another commonality we share.

You've created a number of diverse models together with us. Do you have a favorite?
I loved the last three we did for À La Garçonne. There are a lot I like though. Sugar comes to mind, but again: I love those last three models we've done.

What was the creative process like for Melissa / À La Garçonne?
We picked out two models to customize. Since it's our first work with Melissa, we picked the cord (one of the icons of À La Garçonne), to put on both models. We also made a third exclusive model that's heavier, a platform, unisex, and with laces – also really interesting to develop. I think it has a lot to do with the Brazilian public, who enjoy wearing platforms. And, at the same time, it's both a masculine shoe and works well for the feminine look. So we're living an opportune moment to create a model like this.
Click here to see the collab close up.

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