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Brazilian artist Pedro Silva’s Spell Art movement is centered around combining art and magic. 

Pedro first began his journey as a kid, setting out to find an ideal world with room for his own artistic development. 
“I Love Myself” is the core and most important manifestation of this movement.  
And this is exactly the mood we want to share in our next pop up @ Galeria Melissa NY

Pedro collects a small piece of hair from the person with whom he's sharing the experience, transforming it into a paintbrush or wand. 
The best part is that he then gives the person the power to write their own magic spell or make a painting using their own hair. Awesome, huh?

The pop up will also feature some of his original works & customised objects FOR SALE, so come prepared for big surprises. 

Some already-customised products will be available, but you'll also be able to request a special customisation (spell art or wallpaper \o/) when purchasing a product (only when the artist is present, of course). 

To experience all the ritual and performance, we'll be hosting opening event on Feb 20th.  

Come see what he told us: 

M. In the mood of Valentine’s Day, what do you aim to communicate with your work on this Pop Up Performance at Galeria Melissa?
P. Having a valentine is an expression of care, good connection, reciprocity and especially love; and this is the kind of relationship that I have with my art. One of the secrets of the “spell art “ is that it's planting a seed of an idea, giving love and energy to this this idea, making it grow strongly, just as we do in a relationship .

M. Why is "I Love Myself”​ the motto of the Spell Art movement, and why is self love so important nowadays? 
P. We are the core, the bomb of energy that makes the spell to happen, and that’s why it is important to have a good relationship with yourself, to be conscious of your feelings, understanding your body and the message that you want to put outside of you. “I LOVE MY SELF” is the fuel for you to have that energy and give a healthy LOVE back!

​M. What is the symbolism behind cutting a person's hair and making it into a brush?
P. During the process of loving myself I learned that my body is a powerful tool, my best tool, and that we have to listen to it and take care of it.. Cleaning and renewing are a part of the "taking care", and when I cut my hair I clean, I renew, and I so I decided to use the rest of it (both the hair and the experience ) to create a better future through the Spell, using my own body to create ideas and to be conscious of my goals, by writing or drawing them.
M. What are your expectations in connecting with Melissa's world?
P. Melissa was always part of my life. I grew up following the brand, and also a funny fact is that Melissa was the brand that fulfilled my fantasy as a kid of wearing high hills (lol). But more than that, Melissa had made me proud as a Brazilian to see how the brand had grown, refined itself and conquered love so well. For me working with Melissa is a way to communicate my voice and art to more people and make their day more energized and inspiring.

The Pop Up is open from Feb 14th to the 29th. Don't miss out, squad.

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