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Ten bustling days mixing culture and technology in every corner of Austin, capital of the American state of Texas. That's the main idea of South by Southwest – otherwise known as SXSW.

It was created over 30 years ago with the objective of connecting the world to Austin's culture, which today is known as the Mecca of digital, cultural, and audiovisual innovation.
In 2017, Melissa will be there. Raquel Scherer, Melissa's brand and business manager has already been to more than one edition of SXSW. And she's the one who will be telling us why our presence is so important there, and the different ways in which SXSW can be so inspiring.
"SXSW is the type of event that we feed off of, searching for the newest in branding strategies, tech, organizational practices, and many other themes."
"Important people from all different fields give talks on their stories and experiences. Branding, style, design, gaming, food, technology... The innovative idea of bringing together so many different areas is very interesting, since it allows participants to plan their agenda according to their own interests. 
A good idea can come from a talk on health or gaming. Every time I go to an event I try and find a convergence of themes, and not focus exclusively on style and branding – that are the areas most closely related to Melissa. That diversity is what I consider to be the richest part of SXSW.
This year Melissa will be participating in the event with our Melissa Travel Market – a vehicle that's been transformed into a meeting space with the public. We'll have a place for people to get together, interact, and shop for Melissas, of course."

Curious to find out what's gonna go down? Watch it all without ever leaving home: our Instagram will be full of live content this weekend. Stay tuned.

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