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Galeria Melissa New York reopened last Thursday, 27th. And last night we had a big bash to celebrate it.
The party also inaugurated the first artistic installation of our hot spot. It is curated by architect Muti Randolph and the Bennett Sisters, and features the works of two young artists.
One of them is Signe Pierce, a multimedia and performance artist that uses a vibrant palette of colors, social media and reality to create art with conceptual thinking.

Reflecting on today Signe brings to light debates about the role and consumption of art, its accessibility and mediums – going through issues such as gender and identity.
See the artist's opinion in 3 topics.

"I am interested in testing the limits of what it means to be an artist in 2017 by straddling multiple mediums and muses in an attempt to make art that questions and challenges our perception of reality."
1. On “What is art?”

Art is both a mirror and a reflection. I think that one of the crucial functions of art and the role of artists is to help us open our minds towards possibilities and concepts that we never even considered, as well as to be able to reflect on life as we know it. 

2. On “The role of art for people”
Rather than answering what the role of “women” is in art, I’d like to posit questions surrounding the role of “art” for “people”, regardless of their gender. I am increasingly wary of using gendered terms when discussing art or societal roles, as I think that the traditional concept of gender is shifting towards a more transgressive, inclusive ideology that isn’t limited by the binary constraints of “women” and “men”, “him” and “her”.
Artists living in the 21st century need to be real about how art is consumed, and the role that we (the artists) play in getting it out there. Art is a beautiful gift and as someone who recognizes the transformative and enlightening healing power that art is capable of instilling, it is important that any and all people feel welcome to engage in my work via whatever means necessary. 
3. On making it accessible
I’m a firm believer in embracing new and unconventional mediums and methods in an attempt to get art on peripheries of those who don’t typically seek it out. For me, this means using things like social media as an artistic platform. What’s the difference between a gallery and a social media feed, when you really think about it? They are both places where you can go to look at art, It’s just that one has a more established hierarchy than the other. Displaying my artwork in a concept store is another example of making art more accessible. I think that a lot of people are going to be exposed to my work by seeing it on display in this interactive installation that I’m building with Melissa who would never have seen it had it been on view in a gallery. 
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