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Melissa was born from a desire for the new. We believe that shoes are much more than just shoes. They're a form of expression.

Through the years we've joined up with designers, architects, and artists to transcend fashion. Vivienne WestwoodZaha HadidGaetano Pesce and Mariko Mori just to name a few. 

The Plastic.o.rama project captured our multidisciplinary essence, giving life to an interactive multimedia exhibition shown at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro.

100 heavy hitters from the Brazilian artistic scene were invited to put the project into practice. Among them, fashion designers Alexandre Herchcovitch, Dudu Bertholini and Isabela Capeto, singer Lovefoxxx, architect Marcelo Rosenbaum and publicist Washington Olivetto.
The objective was to reinterpret a pair of white Melissa Original 79 – our fist ever creation.
The result? A hundred pairs of reinvented Melissas. Melted, colored, wrapped, hidden, hanging. With rhinestones, sequins, feathers, pearls, horns, ice. On the beach, in the pool, turned into race cars, disco balls, lamps, headphones, song lyrics, necklaces, stamps.

"A colorful, fun trip through the world of plastic. For Melissa, the material is the media through which the product communicates its values – fun, fashion, youth, personal expression, modernness, technology, creativity", says journalist Érika Palomino, author of the project.

From this demo a book + a multimedia platform was also born. With images from the expo and Melissa's complete historical timeline. Models, curiosities, campaigns, interviews, factory images and the creative process of these beloved plastic dreams that write our history.

Want to learn about other milestones in our nearly 4 decades of life? Find out more here in Heritage.

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