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Every year incredible women come and go. Collabs, events, partnerships, opinions. Our world is ruled by their visions.

With that in mind, we're remembering some of the women who've broke new ground next us during these 40 years of Melissa.

Take a closer look at our team.
Zaha Hadid
Nothing less than the only woman to receive the Pritzker prize, the world’s foremost award in architecture. Bringing her vision to Melissa, Zaha Hadid architects fashion through the feet. She put unique structure onto the street while working at our side. Take a look
Helen Kirkum
British designer and sneaker-collagist Helen Kirkum designed the sixth product for our 40-year anniversary.  Melissa Core + Helen Kirkum combines references from four decades shaped by fashion, design, art, and everything around us. Nothing but love for this partnership.  
Fiorella Gianini
She won the Melissa / Next competition in 2018. Born in Argentina, Fiorella embraces her global vision while living in London. Art, fashion, and human behavior are on her radar, overlapping as interests often do. Revolution / Fiorella Gianini reignites the energy of the 60's with inspiration that goes way beyond simple esthetics. Want to join the revolution?
Vivienne Westwood
One of our most iconic, authentic, and unique collabs. Vivienne Westwood is one of the few women that even Queen Elizabeth II calls Lady. Since 2008, Melissa + Vivienne Westwood has won the feet (and hearts) of innumerous women who embrace the idea of being feminine while staying powerful. Re-live our history here
Natalia Stuyk
Natalia Stuyk's work was hosted at our very own Galeria Melissa London, flourishing her digital art talents. Paraíso, the installation name, is all about escaping reality, a multimedia piece that projects a surreal desert world. Go girl. Discover her work.
Jessica Walsh
She's the founder of Ladies Wine and Design, a group of Empowering women & non-binary creatives worldwide. We met Jessica during the Ladies Power Night @ Galeria Melissa NYC. A conversation on the impact of woman-led design. View her work here.

Thanks to all of you women for helping shape our history. Who'll be the next? 

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