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Defining a style according to a gender. Does it make sense?

Gender bender, agender, unisex. Call it what you will, the truth is that this type of fashion has taken over the runways – and the streets.

If fashion is a form of expression, why should you follow pre-molds to choose what you wear?

It’s not a new discussion: since the 50’s, genderbenders (those who defy the rigid definitions of gender) have been known for bringing this discussion to light- whether through clothes or sharp speech.

Who can forget the style of Diane Keaton in Annie Hall? Our David Bowie’s wardrobe? And the skinny jeans of the Ramones?

Brands like Gucci and stylists like Herchcovitch and Gareth Pugh, both part of our team of collabs, are also known for their creations that work for all sexual identities.

The world of Melissa believes in genderless. In monochrome, straight cuts.

In Star Walker, the Backless model, from our collab with Herchcovitch, blew men and women’s minds. The Aranha model has also been seen on masculine feet.

In Wanna be Carioca, our newest collection, Flox takes on a genuinely unisex personality. It has sober colors, and bigger sizes.

What do you think?