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Melissa is much more than just shoes. We translate our entire universe into our creations: art, design and fashion.

So much complexity can only be transformed into the the most different of plastic shapes. We go far beyond what's expected and create true icons that mark our history and that of those around us.

Melissas for those who dare to differ. Find some of them here.

This collection, inspired by urban Summer vibes, picks up speed to cool off even the hottest of days. In limited numbering, these skates have a retro look and each foot has its own design – the left is bicolor and the right is half detailed in polka dot.
This it-girl boot is the perfect mashup of references. It's anything but common with an open front and colorful laces, bringing a fashionable touch to its 90's rocker style inspiration.
This polemic accessory is also a cry for freedom! Our version of the fanny pack comes in vibrant colors for you to wear fearlessly and however you want. Super practical and fun- and definitely for those who aren't afraid to be gutsy with their outfits.
This Melissa is a shootout to the year Melissa was born and the year it was rereleased. Our first model Aranha 79 was influenced by the fishermen of the French Riviera, and gave life to this reboot 37 years later. It unites past and present, and is a perfect fit for our fans.
We hit the streets looking for inspiration. We saw girls who braved cities every day and innovated yet again by releasing our first skateboard. With a clean esthetic, it's a perfect representation of Melissa with its transparent plastic deck and sparkly glitter wheels. A collector's item.
The latest release in our family of accessories is also a must have. This super practical, spacious bag is the perfect company for your daily routine

You can find these and other models in our virtual store.