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When Patrick Cox launched his ‘Wannabe’ loafers, he had to employ a bouncer to control queues outside of his flagship store. 

Patrick Cox is one of the most influential and famous designers from the 1990’s. His previous collaborators include Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano. 

Shortly after starting his own label, he achieved global success. In 1993 the ‘Wannabe’ loafer took the world by storm, selling half a million pairs per year at the height of their popularity.

Patrick Cox was worn by the elite fashion icons of early nineties; Madonna, Elton John, Kylie Minogue and Victoria Beckham – the latter of whom claimed to have used her first Spice Girls pay check to buy a pair of white slingback Wannabe loafers.

Patrick signed off on the shoes in Michael Jackson's Scream clip. Janet Jackson gave him the nickname "Party Pat", since everywhere he went there was always a party.

"Shoes used to be just an accessory,
but now they are the main event."
2019 sees Patrick teaming up once again with Melissa, updating the cult favourite ‘snow globe’ inspired, liquid-filled ‘Eiffel Tower’ heels from 1996, developing them to present to a new audience in the age of nostalgia and Instagram.

"What we created together in 1996 certainly has stood the test of time both in terms of design and engineering. Melissa are the world's leader at producing plastic shoes and this shoe, with its liquid filled heel, presented a lot of challenges. To this day, I think it remains the only liquid filled heel ever produced commercially."
The exclusive styles celebrate the worldwide cities in which Galeria Melissa stores are found; Westminster Tower (affectionately know as Big Ben) for London, the Statue of Liberty for New York and small chrome hearts for Brazil – given that Brazil is the heart and home of Melissa.

The new collab is available in-store at Galeria Melissa London, New York and São Paulo and can also be found online here, priced as £ 170, $ 219 and R$ 350.

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