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In yet another demonstration of its commitment to the art world, in 2016 Melissa released a project in Brazil. It unveils the creative scene of São Paulo, revealing 9 creators that live in the metropolis and draw their inspiration from it. 
After mapping out and connecting different personal experiences with the city (read more about that here), the public elected 3 of these 9 new Brazilian fashion, art, and design talents to give life to their projects with Melissa’s support.
MC Linn da Quebrada, Alexandre Heberte and sisters Tracie and Tasha Okereke were chosen. And last week, they presented their works at Latin America’s biggest art fair, SP-Arte.
At the fair, which reunites over 120 galleries and artists (new and consecrated, like the Campana Brothers), Meio-Fio’s space presented three never-before-seen installations and has found space in the specialized press.
With the challenge of developing and producing works that relate with reality itself and that provoke debate, the finalists used their originality to create, with curator Paula Garcia from SP-Arte, and the creative direction of Erika Palomino, Melissa's creative consultant.
Take a look at the results.
Trama SPby Alexandre Heberte
33 textile objects corresponding to 33 trips to every nook and cranny of São Paulo. Weaving what was seen and heard in the streets, Alexandre presents a book that narrates his experiences through the art of weaving and finalizes with a live confection performance.
MPIF (Independent Black Women from the Favela), by Tracie and Tasha Okereke
Through fashion, the sisters brought references from religions of African origen. A fashion show accompanied by fashion designer Gustavo Silvestre presented the collection with an all black cast, and was completely open- with no separation between backstage and the public. At SP-Arte, the collection was available in what appeared to be street vendors, referencing ambulant street salespeople.
BlasFêmea, by MC Linn da Quebrada
An audio-visual production that explores the feminine and the liberation of gender independent of our bodies.  The material translates the experiences, questionings, and the artist's anxieties – who calls herself a “gender terrorist”.

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