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Beyond the Parisian and New-york runways, Melissa believes in Brazil as one of the showcases of the fashion industry.

Working intelligently, learning to translate the essence, particularities, and why not — even the difficulties — of our country, Brazilian designers make unique fashion. Signature fashion. Different from anything else you’ll see out there.

Throughout our history, we’ve developed Melissas together with some of Brazil’s most important designers. The result is always 100% Brazil. And 100% surprising. Wanna see?

Since 2003 Alexandre Herchcovitch has rocked a collab together with us. The stylist, who was given the nickname enfant terrible of Brazilian fashion, created Melissas with us that gave his dark essence to the plastic, while never losing its romanticism.

In 2010, Rio resident Isabela Capeto made her own plastic dreams. She’s known for her super romantic and mega Brazilian work which uses local elements and raw materials. The result could be no other: basic and super girly. Essential for the closets of our fans.

Image by thingsilove
Ronaldo Fraga is known for irreverent fashion, that often uses exaggerated details to compose narrative collections inspired in literature, music, or art. Together with us, he created Melissas in 2012 that are his very own. How could we forget the Ultragirl with little toes, or the Mini Bolacha Maria?
Pedro Lourenço, one of the most promising stylists of his generation, also has Melissas to call his own. Super elegant, this empowering collab was made for the women that Pedro admires. “I create for a strong, secure woman who admires my view”.
Vitorino Campos. Our newest Brazilian collab. Celebrated for his specialized criticisms, he’s known for his delicate fashion with traces that play with the tenuous lines between genders. Together we created a bag and a sandal that starred on the catwalk of the most recent edition of São Paulo Fashion Week.
Take advantage here and get to know the designers behind Wanna be Carioca, our newest Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

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