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João Pimenta is a Brazilian fashion designer who's become known as an international reference in male and sustainable fashion – from his use of fabric to his choice of production.

Creator for more than three decades, he has tailoring in his DNA – a detail that he carries over even into his streetwear pieces. The final touch is a pinch of feminine reference, which has turned him into one of the first names associated with the genderless movement that's circulating in Brazilian fashion.

For next season, we join João Pimenta at the fashion show for his brand (of the same name) during São Paulo Fashion Week N43. He'll be taking two of our genderless models to the catwalk: Classic Brogue and Free (both models hit international markets in the second half of 2017).
"In addition to the modernity of plastic, Melissa offers shoes that can be worn by both genders – something I always think of in my creations."
A few hours from stepping onto the catwalk once again, he had a quick chat with us and told us how the partnership helped complement his creation.

1) How did the partnership with Melissa come about?

We had the looks already planned out and in the process of production for SPFW, but lacked  footwear to complete them. If I had to create a shoe that matched the collection, I would have liked it to be a Brogue with a more contemporary view. When I found a Melissa like the one I imagined in the brand's range of models [Classic Brogue], I knew that it was the perfect partnership. In addition to plastic's modernity, it offers extended sizing [up to size 16], with shoes that can be worn by both genders – something I always consider for my creations.

2) You are a Brazilian reference in sustainable fashion. So is Melissa. How do these two DNAs complement each other? 

Sustainability has always been part of our creative process, because besides being a contemporary language it is also, in my view, the only possibility for the future.

3) Is the line that separates genders getting more blurry? Do you think that's the future of fashion?

The most complicated part of this question in fashion is the decision of the "big industry" to produce separate scales for men and women. When you see that everything depends on finding what you like, we're creating freedom of consumption.

Keep an eye on our official channels to see everything that happens in our fashion show this Monday, 13.

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