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In addition to design, fashion, and art, Melissa is made up of people.

Behind every shoe, there are human beings. Hands connected in a process that's our formula for success.

To present our S/S ’18 collection, we showed these people to the world. We opened the doors to our factory for a fashion show especially for the press, our team, and our fans – in addition to the rest of the world via our site and social networks.

And that's how they were able to see our production process.

Now you can too.
These are the raw materials for your Melissa. They're responsible for the comfort and malleability that only we have.
The classic Melissa smell is a treasure chest of memories. It can remind you of a specific moment, a phase in your life, and who knows, even a past love.  Our fragrance is so adored that it's stored like this, in a precious bottle, just like a perfume.
Melissas go through many stages before reaching your feet. And each piece is made with care.
Do you know who made your Melissas? There are living hands behind our shoes’ – or better, dreams.
Inside and out, each detail matters.
Each piece is hand inspected, under the careful eyes of our team. Nothing gets by our rigorous quality control.