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Remember two of our favorite sisters Gabriela and Thalita? A designer, a photographer, sisters, inseparable friends, and Melissa super fans.

When we sat down for a chat in July, Gabriela had just left the country for an exchange program in Europe where she would stay for a while longer. At that time, both girls were adjusting to life apart.

Here on our website, they made some statements that serve as a lesson in friendship, understanding, and support. 

A few days ago, the sisters hit the road. This time, together: the two of them, and Melissa too. With Melissas on their feet they mapped out Europe. The photos and their testimony you can see here. 
“We like to avoid traditional tourist photos and treat each picture as if it were a fashion editorial. The challenge of creating a story to portray each city moves us.”
The tour

We traveled around Italy for 15 days, starting in Turim where Gabi is studying.  We then visited some small villages in Piemonte like La Morra, where we had the opportunity to try some famous barolo wine at Cantina Michelle Mascarello and enjoy the views of the region's wineries.

We then continued on towards the coast at Liguria, more specifically Finale Ligure and Final Borgo, the land of focaccia and pesto – which we absolutely loved. It's a truly cinematographic place.

Then we took a train down to Rome, passing through Florence.  Even though it's a small city, Florence has lots to offer with all its gorgeous panoramas and lovely gardens.  It's not hard to imagine why this city, over two thousand years old, is considered the "land of dreams". 
To Rome with love

Rome was our last stop and is undoubtedly special, with its truly unique and unforgettable atmosphere.  The stone streets, yellowed light, chipping staircases, ruins in the middle of the city, Roman "kindness", and even the crowds of tourists made Rome possibly our favorite stop on the trip.

Gabriela and Thalita created Two Lost Kids, an inspirational platform that mixes images and illustrations.  You can follow their Instagram here.

The Melissas seen in this article will be available on our S/S '18 collection.

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