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A project free of barriers, for doing what you feel like – that's how Brazilian brand Också came to be. Founded by Deisi Witz and Igor Crivellaro, Också defines itself as a platform for exposing questions about freedom of dress and resignifying gender standards, beliefs, and trends. 

The duo searches for their inspirations in the streets, with pieces that are reinvented and evolve with each collection. Models fit for different bodies arise from the desire to express, with a bold look and striking shapes.
“What's important is understanding your own body and knowing what works best with it.” 
In their most recent fashion show at Casa dos Criadores, they presented their new collection with Melissas on models' feet, showing that when it's time to get dressed, what matters is feeling free to be what you want to be.
Come check out our chat with Igor.

1. How did Också come about?
Också came about through the Rio Moda Hype award, when we presented our first collection at Fashion Rio- winter 2014, seeking to develop a project free of the ties of gender, race, beliefs, trends, etc. Också happens as a platform for exposing personal questionings, about the freedom to dress yourself, to be what you want, and to do what you feel like.
2. You have an atemporal, unissex idea of fashion.  How is it reflected in the your collections?
Our modeling is thought of as a way to dress different bodies, independent of gender.  That said, I don't always avoid creating pieces that are more form fitting or that have necklines. Usually unisex pieces are oversized, but I don't see it that way, to me it's more about the person's spirit, their style.  What's important is understanding your own body and knowing what works best with it.  Regarding atemporal fashion, many of our pieces evolve in their details or materials, some of them have been part of the collection since the very start, and that to me is a very important point.  I think it's more interesting for me to wear something that will always be a "new" piece, rather than living for trends and creating a disposable product.

3. Where do you get inspiration during your creative process?
I look to the streets a lot, especially people who live on the streets. It's fascinating to me how they can solve problems with so few resources!  Architecture is another strong influence, textures that I see and register in my mind. Inspirations also come from a theme or desire to express something, like we did with our "pilot" collection where we showed our creative process by creating a collection that continued to develop and was finished only in the season after.

4. What can we expect from your fashion show at this Casa dos Criadores?
Well, this is the first collection that's completely of my authorship, as my associate is leaving Också and I'm assuming the brand's creative direction. I decided to bring back some shapes that were lost on our path to creating a commercial line and the collection has a strong feel of moulage, a technique of subtraction and reutilization of raw materials.  Some of the models that were already developed in the collection's previous stage "nominada" got some new details.  I've also worked on the technique of manual knitting (like the piece in the photo).  The materials are: cotton, viscose, twill, sweats, impermeable nylon, and linen, among others.  The color palette: Black, steel grey, moss, and orange. 4 accessory models were developed in Tyvek: a backpack, fanny pack, round bag, and box bag.
5. How does Melissa connect to your identity? 
Melissa has a market vision that really connects with what I idealize. Concerns about raw materials, being up to date on behavioral changes that have been happening, and embracing the causes and the visions of external markets, they create a product with a competitive differential in Brazil and abroad.