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More than just a way to get around, it's a lifestyle.

Cycling means taking new routes that offer surprises, good fortune, and improvisation- whatever your destination.  When you're on two wheels you have the time to pop into new places, make new friends, take a wrong turn, and get lost in the best of ways.

That's why we've created Melissa Bike.

It has a vintage design, exclusive color, and a multi-use basket that all help you coexist with your city like never before.
In the midst of urban chaos, bikes can provide a detour. Not just from the drag of traffic, but from the cold relations we sometimes have with public spaces. Pedaling can provide more profound, frequent relationships. They can help us gain intimacy with geography.
From home to work. From meet ups to free time. 
Feel like taking a spin? At Galeria Melissa NY & London, you can already borrow Melissa Bike for and hour and a half and get a new look on distances, histories, and ways around the city. Just stop by.

Pick yours up at our participating flagships.