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In Brazil, our project of Influencers is called Melissa Makers. Similar to the international one, it selects girls from diverse Brazilian cities and gives them a voice and a space. At Medium @MelissaMakers, they tell all about their experiences in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Salvador.

That's where they told us about Baile Charme (something like Charming Dance, as you'll find out below).

In Rio, it's an event. You get some new clothes. You practice some new moves in front of the mirror. In the rhythm of Brazilian funk – which mixes soul with R&B and an indescribable (and highly contagious) Brazilian beat – the diversity so characterized by Rio is shown on the dance floor.

The Melissa Makers chased after the party's history – which believe it or not dates back to the end of the 70's. Come have a look.

The history of Baile Charme of the Madureira viaduct is a story from a mix of esthetics and that reveals, still today, some of Rio's other beauties – the Rio that's on the "other side of the tunnel" and goes beyond the South Side.

Géssica Justino, producer, dancer and researcher made our Makers let out some of their charm. And they're the ones who tell a little bit of the history behind this unmissable night out in the Carioca capital.

Géssica tells us that the scene started together with R&B. "It started with the mixture of that melody and the Carioca style of movement – body movement, that is. Every time R&B was played at a disco in the late 70's/early 80's, people would say 'let out some charm'. And that's how it eventually became its own dance style.

Little by little this movement weaved its way through the Rio suburbs and the dances of the Zona Norte until it made it to Madureira, as a street movement that happened under the Negrão de Lima viaduct. Afterwords, with the organization of stands that worked down there, the Baile had gained an official, fixed home and in 2000 it was given the official name of Rio Charme Cultural Space by the government.

Even though it's come into the spotlight, Baile Charme is still a space to be discovered by many who inhabit and visit Rio.

"As a great legacy of the city, everyone – independent of gender, class, or taste – make the Baile an enjoyable spot and a reference for a night out" says Géssica about its current importance.

Currently, the people who put on the dance – which happens every Saturday, after 10 pm – is a group that's constantly bringing other influences in dance and fashion, sharing dialog with indie rock and funk. "There you can see people who are into samba, mothers who take their adolescent kids, young people who love to dance…. Baile is a mix of all the cultural and esthetic fabrics that Madureira has to offer... the suburb and, also, Rio as a whole" she adds.

This is pure Melissa Makers content. The project connects our brand with influencers from different regions in Brazil, Melissa's home country.

Abroad, Melissa also connects with influencers from different countries. Click here to find out more.

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