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For three months the project Meio-Fio has passed through different circles, places, and bubbles of São Paulo searching to present different visions of the city. To reveal nine of the metropolis' creators and some of their creative inspirations. It's yet another demonstration of our commitment to the art world, through which we wish to reveal the Brazilian artistic avant garde.

We promoted workshops, discussions and creative retreats. Through the platform, these nine fashion icons, from art and design, share their work, experiences, inspirations and challenges.

And now it's time for them to transform the three month experience into a never before seen installation with Melissa's help.

The kicker is that only three of our Refletores ("Reflectors", in Brazilian Portuguese – that's how we call these creators) will lead the installation. And the selection of these names is a collaborative process – will open an online poll today and the public will chose the three Refletores who will participate.

Below, meet the nine Refletores of Meio-Fio:

Alexandre Heberte: Creates artwork with wefts, oftentimes using non-conventional techniques and materials.
Aline Tima: Develops research that relates fashion and performance. She's part of the Voodoohop cultural events collective and creator of Tricoma brand.
Apolinário: Is a stylist, designer, journalist, cultural agitator between Rio and SP, and photographer for the I Hate Flash collective. Also owner of the brand "Cemfreio".
Daniella Tinório: Stylist who created the brand Dmamacita.
Estileras: Project conceived by the performing duo Ricardo Boni and Brendon Xavier, the experimental brand searches for a new relation of jeans to the body.
MC Linn da Quebrada: "Queer, trans, black and an outsider. Neither actor nor actress: actors. Dancer, performer, and gender terrorist".
Pistache Ganache: Ateliê of object designers André Romitelli and Martina Brusius.
Tasha e Tracie Orereke: Twins, they manage a series of events and artistic collaborations with a focus on black women and outsiders. They call the movement "Expensive $hit”.
Zé Vicente: Visual artist and art teacher, recognized for his work with foot collages.

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