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“It's in the blood." This expression that we use to justify hereditary talents fits like a glove for this collab of ours.

Humberto and Fernando are two Brothers that, in addition to their last name, share the accolade of being Brazil's biggest name in design. Campana.

They're the reference of a work that, by mixing local and global inspirations, transforms itself into hybrid art. It reflects the world of today. International design superstars, as called by Charlotte & Peter Fiell in the book Plastic Dreams.

The Campanas have been creating with Melissa since 2004. Since then, we've seen a number of their creations become our plastic dreams. 

“Little by little, we've started to pick some of our iconic pieces to be transformed into a collection for Melissa. For the first collaboration, we picked the Zig Zag collection, after that Favela, Corallo and Papel
Favela is a chair that was inspired in the piling-up of Brazilian favelas. Together with Melissa, it became a flat that brings one of the biggest characteristics of Brazilian culture and society to life molded in plastic.

The DNAs of both Melissa and the Campanas meet beyond just design. The Brazilianness that the brothers imprint into their works also shines through in sustainability.

In their hands, waste becomes art. Way before people worried about production that values the hands behind the product, they were already exalting artists and artisans as fundamental pieces in their process of creation and inspiration.

Melissa Barroca showed off that high low duality directly in plastic. Inspired by the Italian art of the same name, it has its body marked by the insertion of elements of scraps found on the designer's studio floor. So angels and scarabs mix with nails and wires, forming a one of a kind Melissa.

Once more the Campanas break down the wall between the ordinary and the extraordinary. 

Corallo, the chair created by the brothers in 2003, became a Melissa five years later. In addition to the flat, it also became a bag – and an exposition.  “It was moving to see Corallo in the middle of Melissa's square”, he says referring to the Galeria Melissa São Paulo, where Corallo was transmuted into a tree.

“There's a really cool respect in relation to us on Melissa's part. I think we get a mutual challenge going in our projects and solutions”, he reflects.

Just like us, the Brothers see the world through different eyes, where everything is transformed into inspirations and possibilities. Or better: a world where things are possible.

Want to see the products from the Melissa + Campana collab? Click here on our virtual store.

To see Barroca and its details in 3D, visit the collab page.

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