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Flygrl, our A/W ’17 collection, is a reflection that frames modern women and the new places they hold in the world. 

In this universe, we highlight some of the many changes currently experienced by women of all ages.  We search for greater liberty, casting off the shackles of predefined esthetic standards or inequalities.

Helemozão's photo-poetry is a perfect fit. From the state of Bahia, she's a 22-year-old deconstructing stereotypes and redefining identities with her work.

From street portraits to sophisticated editorials, she empowers others by bringing a new representation of her local culture that's complete with powerful colors, resistance, and a side of her city that often goes unseen.

"I started to notice what lies beyond the images. That it can speak for me and create a space to speak for others as well.  I also realized I could portray a non-conventional esthetic to call attention, representing myself and others through occasionally inexplainable feelings".
"They're stories that are told from my outlook on the world"
We've invited her to pick out 5 photos to share, telling a bit of the story behind each one.
This image shows diversity of tones, something I really seek out in my work. Black women exist because they resist.
Together we carry on. We women, especially black women, need to strengthen each other because often we're everything: mothers, homes, fathers, and our own paths in the world.
Liberty. Being who you are or who you want to be. Living for yourself.
We, the outsiders living on the outskirts, are the majority. But we're often seen as a minority, living segregated by visible lines that have been drawn.
A black woman who, even with pain, keeps on smiling because she believes in better days.

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