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Melissa will once again be showing up at Coachella. This weekend we'll arrive in Indio, in the California desert, for one of the world's biggest music festivals.

The event is known for the presence of celebs who attend, ranging from Katy Perry to Leonardo di Caprio, and also for the outfits of festival goers. It immortalized, for example, the flower headband and the boho look that's now seen at music festivals everywhere.

Coachella 2017's lineup has names like Lady Gaga, Tove Lo, Mac Miller, Lorde and New Order.

And we've got some good news. 
Our Instagram will be full of live content.
Also, we've separated a few Instas for you to follow this week – and have as much fun and be inspired right along with us.

If you still don't follow him, stop everything and open Instagram right now. This producer is as famous for his full time coverage on social networks as he is for his hits. Your chance to go backstage is right here.
Coachella is not just about music.  It's also known for its gigantic art installations and one of them will be Gustavo's – a Brazilian sculptor based in NY. The installation, called Lamp beside the golden door, is made of mirrors and is perfect for taking selfies.
Taylor LaShae is a model, actress, and one of our special guests who’ll be at the festival. She behind lots of cool stuff that we’re preparing for Coachella 2017. Follow her to find out what we’re up to.
A hallmark of the festival, Aimee is a reference when it comes to style. She's been cited numerous times on lists of Coachella's best outfits. She's worth following to inspire your closet.
Model and singer Ariel Beesley will also be present in our coverage. You should follow her too to keep up with everything we do. 
He's one of the festival headliners. On Instagram, Mac is almost too funny with masks, poses, and little dances.
Coachella is famous for the quantity of celebs that circle between stages – who knows if there's a star watching the show right next to you? Emma Roberts never misses the chance to post her pics there.

Anxious? Don't forget to keep a close eye on our Instagram. Follow us here.

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