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Wanna Be Carioca

Tan bodies, listlessness, a smile on your face. A collection that blends into plastic the most Brazilian of souls.

Rio de Janeiro is a world of dualities where the real and the imagined mingle. It is latent Brazilianness, and simultaneously a fantasy destination in imaginations around the world.

Wanna be Carioca was born with a ray of Sunshine inside. It comes warm, with bossa and samba for your feet.

We go from the boardwalk to mureta da Urca, from the seaside to the waterfalls, from rhythmic drums to rock concerts.

Melissa is every bit as versatile as Cariocas themselves.


Sending shivers wherever it goes, Wanna be Carioca spreads the intrinsic happiness of those who were blessed by being born in the land of Christ the Redeemer.

That joy is stamped into models like Good Vibes, perfect for a stroll in Jardim Botânico. And in Flox III, which has gotten a makeover and details in different colors.

At our side, Vivienne Westwood and J. Maskrey take the playfulness of being a Carioca seriously with new shapes. Campana Brothers, meanwhile, sign off on two models that bring a light journey through time and cultures: Barroca blends the Brothers’ contemporary and very Brazilian design with Italian art.

For Summer 2016, our color palette plays in contrasts of neon with classic white, black, and brown. It brings the primary blues and yellows that translate our country so well.