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A nation is made of similarities: streets, languages, customs, architecture. What if we looked in each of them for inspiration for our own culture?

Opening our eyes to the world around us, we find three crews that represent us all: Travellers, Guides and Locals.

This is the jumping-off point for Melissa Nation.

To Travellers, culture is freedom.

It’s the opportunity to take along a little piece of each place inside of you in order to create an amalgamated personality.

Guides don’t have to look far for references. They drink from the stimulus of the streets, discover new places, and know by heart the sidewalks and corners that take you to the hotspots of any metropolis.

Locals inspire and are inspired in everything and everyone.

They find their style in the urban blend- be it in tailors’ shops or architectural snippets of the city.

Winter 2014 brings collabs that cross geographic frontiers — even frontiers of time. Vivienne Westwood mixes glamour and fantasy with details in classic English plaid; German Karl Lagerfeld makes six Melissa models with us — including one that pays homage to Brazil. Taiwanese Jason Wu celebrates femininity and Brit Gareth Pugh plays with futuristic lines in Ultragirl, Aileron e Ascension.