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Melissa | Mirror

        your whole self. 
    Discover your 
    different sides. 

    Reaffirm your truth. 
    Welcome to our
    A/W ’19 collection. 



Mirror evokes a broader look into how your image relates to the different people and contexts of your world.

It supports the vital need for acceptance – of others, of reality, and of who you truly are.

It shifts beauty.
From what you see.
To who you are.

Call Me / Polibollha Sneaker

Our A/W '19 is a season for active observation.

Being curious and exploring your multiple sides.

In the rear-view, in a window, or even in a puddle.

Seeing your own reflection is seeing the present moment.

When freedom calls, we ́re there. Call Me is for carrying your phone and cards however you like – around your neck or at your waist.

Femme High / Possession Platform Stripes

Scars, moles, birthmarks.

Open pores, baggy eyes, ingrown hairs.

There are no right answers. Beauty is fluid and changes at every glance.

Femme High brings together a blend of inspirations, remaking classics with serious force.

Possession Platform Stripes has a 90'́s inspired platform and all the colors of freedom.


The all-new Soft has organic, simple lines that are as traceable as the steps to being true to yourself.

Francxs / Disco High

Genderless and with new straps to call your own. Francxs reinterprets a Melissa classic – always original.

Stepping back into the 80's, we ́re taking a spin with Disco High.

Disco High / Glow

Disco is the flat version for those who want to go all night with no worries.


Glow adds a touch of Derby Shoe inspiration to its genderless design.


Mirror sees "I" as plural.

You may change your mind, change your body, transform your world – the essential "I" stays the same.

Fashion not as a disguise but a tool for self-expression.

Shadow plays around with overlays for extra-bold results. Multiple layers mean multiple options for reinvention.

Furadinha / Lip

Furadinha relives a comeback, but it's all about the now.

No rules or impositions, just the sum of your desires. Lip is our flat with overlaid, asymmetric straps.

Possession Babouche

Possession Babouche has blended together stories to form a unique, singular design.

Be Babouche

Searching for your best self.

Ever-changing and pushing boundaries, Be Babouche nearly goes overboard in transformation.


A symbol of beauty, pop culture, resistance and desire. Lipstick is here to leave its mark.

Polibolha Slide

Blink and an afternoon has gone by with Polibolha Slide. A plural design that takes fun to the streets.

Mar Platform / Ulitsa Sneaker Platform

Beauty Bag

In search of unique perspectives, Mirror brings you a collection of new accessory ideas.

Makeup as artistic intervention. Beauty Bag has special places for different highlighters and pencils – and a place to clean them off, too.

Lip Bag

Carry the extraordinary in Lip Bag, an accessory with serious presence.

Citrus Bag / Twist

Trendy and eye-catching. Citrus Bag is a woven accessory with something to say.

Coturno + À La Garçonne

Exclusive collabs reinforce the idea that co-creation is at the core of individuality.

See and realize the existence of the other.

We ́ve strengthened our connection with À La Garçonne to put the duo's essence into practice: assigning new meanings.

Structured and full of presence, Coturno / À La Garçonne takes a step into the future.

Francxs + À La Garçonne / Mini Sac Bag + À La Garçonne / Twist + À La Garçonne

Francxs / À La Garçonne is reviving a classic – now full of ALG identity.

Mini Sac Bag / À La Garçonne is a slim shape that packs the signature ALG punch.

Twist / À La Garçonne blends Melissa logomania with a universal fashion symbol.

VWA + Melissa Margot Ballerina / VMA + Melissa Babouche

Once again we ́re hooking up with the UK ́s most fearless fashion designer.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Be Babouche reminds you that comfort means freedom, with a super authentic detail.

Or dance between attitude and a delicate touch with Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Margot Ballerina.

Penelope / Jason Wu

Jason Wu believes that everything we wear is a reflection of our expression and essential selves.

In Mirror, we work together once again to underline that idea with brand new styles.

Penelope + Jason Wu offers and lengthened toe and thin straps, expressing the delicate harmonies of Jason Wu himself.


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