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Melissa | Mapping

We crossed through neighborhoods, streets, and alleys. We looked around.

And we found the crucial inspiration for Mapping,

our S/S '18 collection, at the core of cities themselves.

A city defines how we relate to each other. How we move and are moved. How we express ourselves. Contemporary culture redefines the "concrete jungle".

People are occupying urban centers.

Becoming agents that connect the dots on

paper. Human pins that map places and

non-places, culture, and fashion.

The cities that inspire us are

sustained by essential elements,

and, Mapping looks at three of them.

Moods that guide our S/S ’18

32º 24’ N / 51º 00’ 6 W
28º 41’ S / 67º 13’ 9 N
66º 73’ L / 31º 03’ 7 S
75º 22’ N / 87º 11’ 2 S
11º 90’ L / 01º 23’ 0 W
33º 18’ W /91º 62’ 6 S

industrial 01

Industrial Feelings

The metal and concrete

bring up self-assured models

that are full of presence.


Dubrovka comes from the Russian word

that means inhabited places – a

structural, grey world that

brings forth a sober model with a

tomboy feel.

32º 24’ N / 51º 00’ 6 W
28º 41’ S / 67º 13’ 9 N
66º 73’ L / 31º 03’ 7 S
75º 22’ N / 87º 11’ 2 S
11º 90’ L / 01º 23’ 0 W
33º 18’ W /91º 62’ 6 S

organic 02

Organic Paradise

Back to nature – the nature

that guides cities, people, and fashion.

Cosmic Sandal + Salinas

Light like Belleville,

sweet like Mar Wedge,

and delicate like Ela.

architecture 03

Parallel Lines

We see it not as a function, but as

fiction. A storyteller that influences

the creation of inspiring

new Melissas.


Like Daikanyama, for example: a tangle of belts and buckles. And Koenji, which was inspired by the bohemian Japanese neighborhood of the same name.

Melissa Mapping

  • Belleville
  • Broadway
  • Daikanyama
  • Dubrovka
  • Kazakova
  • Koenji
  • Melrose
  • Shibuya
  • Soho
  • Ulitsa


High-low inspired by

a Parisian neighborhood

Belleville is a mix high-low: bucolic streets mixed together with gritty urban graffiti. It's a neighborhood for those who enjoy walking and are hungry for creativity, full of some of the city's coolest art stores and studios. That's precisely the mood that inspires this Melissa (and will sure inspire you).


As democratic as

NYC itself

Broadway is one of the pillars of North-American culture, continuing to influence music and theatre for over a century. With that in mind, we made our Broadway democratic too with thin, horizontal straps and a touch of 1970's glam.


Born from a hybrid

Daikanyama is considered Tokyo's Brooklyn, full of alternative stores that mix together different cultures from around the globe. It also provides some phenomenal pictures for travelers: graffiti everywhere, adding a modern touch to the antique architecture of the buildings. Get the idea? Then you'll get this Melissa, with interlacing straps that have holes and a buckle, reminiscent of a belt


Invites you to see something new

There's no shortage of new places to visit in Russia, the biggest country on the planet. Art galleries abound, many in places you wouldn't expect like abandoned tech schools, factories, storehouses, and more. In Russian the word Dubrovka means inhabited places. This idea inspires a Melissa that invites you to discover something new yourself like a style, or a path. It follows the classic Oxford model, with a masculine air that's contrasted by the light femininity of the heel.


Inspired by

the Russian city

Its shape is reminiscent of a doll slipper, perfectly fitting for a shoe from the land of Matryoshkas- the famous Russian nesting wooden dolls.


A Melissa with

minimalist details

Koenji is an alternative, bohemian neighborhood in the Suginami ward of Tokyo. If you like thrift stores, it needs to be on your must visit list - the streets are full of racks of vintage and designer clothes. It all helped inspire a Melissa with minimalist details that contrast with a robust but basic platform.


Inspiring culture

Melrose avenue in the Bronx brings communities together through parades and cultural events like shows, independent theatre, and collectives, keeping a piece of NYC history alive. It's this effervescence that inspires an urban Melissa that's great company, no matter where you choose to roam.


Super kawaii

Walking through the streets of Shibuya is like being in a Gwen Stefani music video from the early 2000s. There are Harajuku girls everywhere, all with huge accessories and outfits that vary in style from goth to lolita. To simplify this visual barrage, our Shibuya has horizontal straps and a minimalist look.


Both urban

and sporty

Soho in NYC has one of the world's highest concentrations of designers and brands per square meter – including, of course, Galeria Melissa. No surprise then that this model has all the elegance and modernity of a platform with wide straps, but with a hint of tennis shoe style.


Invites you to hit the streets

Byzantine architecture fills many Russian cities with mosaics and stained glass, illuminating your path as you walk the streets. No wonder the word Ulitsa literally means “street” in Russian.

Melissa Mapping Collection


For the release of our Spring/Summer 2018 collection,

and opened the doors of our factory in Fortaleza,

in northeastern Brazil.

Amidst conveyor belts and machines, the season's new models took on the feet of the stars for the night: the people who make our Melissas.

VWA + Beach Slide II

On the collabs front, we connect divisions and

nationalities. Vivienne Westwood lends her

British class, Jason Wu his beloved delicacy, and

Salinas gives us that Brazilian touch.

Cosmic + Salinas

Jamie + Jason Wu

Connected, on the map of our day-to-day, we transform

steps and distances into digital measurements.

Our cartography, though, still remains emotional.

Who am I?

Where you are is who you are.

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