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Melissa - Flygrl

Women have always been protagonists in world transformation and this A/W '17, they're our greatest inspiration.

A new form of seeing and describing women is coming to life.

Open a zine, turn on the TV, check your social media feeds. In music, media, and art, the world is feminine.

We're searching for a freer universe, more self-confident and self-affirming. Without the restrictions of inequalities or pre-defined esthetic standard. A genderless universe.

A collection as unique as every woman.

Flygrl , our Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, represents this transformation. The synthesis of the changes being lived by women all over the world, of all different ages.

Our Melissas support the pillars that guide Flygirl. The models translate the beauty of antitheses that represent the feminine spirit – and that we've brought to our collection.

The delicacy of newcomers like She meet the genderless feel of Free, which perfectly compliment the irreverence of the Cowboy Shoe.

Hoodie has a sporty soul and Panapana is great for tomboy looks. Other models have also been redone: Beach Slide became a Sandal and Puzzle has new colors.

Amanda Prisco

Accompanying us this season, our always unbeatable team of collabs.

Vivienne Westwood with her audacious designs;

Jason Wu with his delicate, ultra-feminine touches; the

Campana Brothers and their Brazilian soul; and

Vitorino Campos , who's become a reference in our no gender models.

One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.

The quote from Simone de Beauvoir sums up how we feel deep down. Being a woman is the result of a history.

5 women share their stories with us. 5 Flygrls who perfectly represent the whole spirit of this collection.

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This A/W '17 we want to inspire girls and women – of all genders – to fly with freedom. Together, we'll change the world.

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