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Jeremy Scott

Every designer has their own raison d’être. Mine was always to communicate with people. To inspire. And to hopefully create a new possibility.

For a boy raised on a farm in rural Missouri, USA, a huge nickname. The people’s designer.

I love seeing people wearing my designs, and that they can be a part of people’s everyday life. If I can create something that I love, conveys design esthetic and can still be wearable, for me that is a huge compliment

Jeremy Scott has a provocative feature. He takes signs of pop culture to the extreme.

In his case, more is more.

Jeremy parts from pop to create… pop. He transforms what’s right in front of us into an object of desire.

Our collab starts here: from the intrinsic necessity of avoiding common sense; from using humor to define personality.

It was a play off the fact that Melissa is known for plastic shoes. So I thought I should play with the concept of plastic and push that concept instead of ignoring it

Fun, color, plastic: Jeremy explains our collab in motion


The people’s designer. Loved by the public that dreams of his colorful, pop pieces.

He’s also a designer who is venerated by an envy-inspiring circle of friends.

With Katy Perry, he helped forge a fantastic world on the stage of the California girl. He was also the only one able to create outfits that do justice to Miley Cyrus’ rebellious soul.

For the release of Melissa + Jeremy Scott, there couldn't be a better place. In the city that never sleeps – and where nothing is impossible – we got up on the catwalk of New York Fashion Week on Gigi Hadid’s feet, and under the focused watch of names like Rita Ora and Chiara Ferragni.

Our shoes were a highlight of a super fun collection, with a 60’s feel.

We created six Melissas that play with nozzles, as if they were pool floats ready to take to the air and water.

The inflatable nozzle at the back, it looks like a pool toy. But it’s a totally functioning shoe

Jeremy is one of the most talked about fashion designers in recent years. His independent spirit, capable of transforming the industry, makes him a mind ahead of his own time. A designer that sees fashion far beyond what eyes alone can see.

Fashion is actually more powerful than we give it credit for. It is being reflected as a visual inspiration, a concept. And that concept can reinforce an idea into being a reality

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