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Gareth Pugh

Sometimes Black is all you need.

Gareth Pugh’s world is black, but not somber.

The unlit universe that comprises the work of one of the youngest — and most celebrated — British stylists proves the old maxim: less is more.

Black, white, grey — in addition to the occasional metallic.

Gareth’s palette is miniature.

Plastic, PVC and latex are the materials that took him to a definitive point in world fashion.

He creates dramatic, sculptural pieces. Almost futuristic.

Together with Melissa, he blurs the line between fashion and art — and, why not, even architecture. He enchants those who use his forms and monochromes to create a style that surpasses the line that defines time.

Our story starts long before Melissa + Gareth Pugh became a reality.

In 2005, Gareth falls in love. Laying eyes on the Melissa Scarfun Boots Alexandre Herchcovitch in a spread for English zine Dazed, his heart beats faster.

The sinuous lines in the plastic turn this date into a wedding invitation. We see in him all the potential of an artist that took his first steps with force and dedication.

On the catwalk of their Summer 2006, Melissa and Gareth enact a romance. We watch the show actively from up close: on the feet of the models that gave the start to this stylist’s path to success.

Our love bore fruit in the form of Ultragirl.

Where I’m from, women are really strong. My fashion shows are predominantly feminine. Men are but accessories in the collection

Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue. It’s no coincidence the celebrities who wear Gareth’s pieces includes three of the greatest musical divas.

With a unique look on body shapes, the pieces are translated into the empowerment of female lines.

They break the typical standard of the human body by distorting classic features of female representation.

Some try to justify his avant-garde creation with his youth. Born in 1981, he started his career at only 14. Now into the third decade of his life, he collects positive reviews and rewards.

I’m interested in memorable and striking fashion, and what happens when people embrace it

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