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Power to the people

Co-creating and bringing people together. More voices being heard within the creative process.

10.000 designers.
More than 90 countries.

In a never before seen initiative, we’ve teamed up with the brand in the #citizensofeverywhere project, spreading graffiti and posters around the streets of London and inviting people to participate in a mission: to create the largest collaborative collection in history.

Four Brazilians and one Italian.  Together, Alfredo Orobio, Paula Pinaud, Cecília Temke, Marília Biasi and Carlo Valentini founded AWAYTOMARS: a platform where everyone can share their ideas and see them become reality.

Disruptive essence.

A community of talented individuals with the goal of making the design process more accessible and the fashion industry more creative.

"We can create fashion in a more inclusive way."
Our mission is to connect people.
- Alfredo Orobio

Come find out all about
the collective and our collab.

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The perfect match

Sharing and
combining inspirations,
we've given life to three new
Melissa / AWAYTOMARS models.

Hundreds of ideas from every corner of the world.
A year-long process, with public participation every step of the way.

Cosmic Sandal II

A whole new Cosmic Sandal II. In addition to the crossover lines, it's now a platform with some extra glitter shine. Uncomplicated and relaxed.


Groundbreaking, Citizens is futuristic and comfortable. Full of color or with a glitter finish, it's here to show that practicality and attitude can walk hand in hand.

Beach Slide

Our beloved slide has gotten an exclusive reboot.  In its new colors, Beach Slide is now a platform with the transparency and shine that are the hallmark of the collection.

"The central theme of the new AWAYTOMARS collection is space. Not just outer space, more like the space we have here: a space for sharing ideas" - Marília Biasi

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We’re stronger together.

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