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We've been making plastic extraordinary for 40 years, joining forces with some of the best and brightest creative minds to give life to collaborative collections that shake the fashion industry. Names like Comme des Garçons, Vivienne Westwood, Jeremy Scott, and Gareth Pugh - among others - are all part of our history.
And now we're searching for a new desirable approach. 
The Melissa Next project was born in the UK, bringing emergent creative minds the opportunity to create an original design to be launched worldwide as our newest collab.

Between April and June the competition's platform received sketches from numerous participants, each with their own identity. After that, five finalists were chosen - click here to learn more about them - and since then, voting has been open to the public.  

Our newest collaborator will receive £5,000, the royalties from product sales, a trip to Brazil, and a launch event for their model at Galeria Melissa London.
And the winner is...
"This is a huge opportunity for me to grow as a designer and artist. To team up with a distinctive brand like Melissa is a real privilege."

Fiorella Gianini
From Argentina, and now based in London, Fiorella is a 28-year-old artist that just won the Melissa Next competition. Her design got the most votes from the public and now she's going to team up with Melissa creators.  

The concept behind the design

The shoe is a cylindrical textured heel with a special touch. The pattern on the heel is based on a zoom in of one of her paintings and it's a perfect fit for a comfortable but striking look. 

"For my design, I was inspired by the 60's fashion and art scene. It was a youthful decade, very prolific for art and fashion. Women were also finding their place in society and challenging old standards. They started to rally in the streets and there were several movements asking for equality. Abstract art was taking new directions and pop art was at its peak. It was a very colourful decade that was also reflected in fashion- women were daring to wear mini skirts and platform shoes were making their entrance into wardrobes. It was a decade of change and where what was considered "different" was finding its place. The inspiration for my design comes from all of this, a shoe that is stylish while comfortable. Different while wearable. A burst of colourful, a disruption in the wardrobe. A piece that dresses you. The shoe is the protagonist of your look. As a woman and painter myself, I decided to use my own art as part of this design since it is my way of expressing myself. I intend for this work to be relatable but striking and to reflect the confidence of the wearer."
We had a quick chat with her and found out that Fiorella is a painter with a creative point of view on feminine empowerment.

How was it taking part in the Melissa NEXT competition?
It was a different and great experience. It is difficult to start a new design and come up with a whole new concept. It is a process where you go through different emotional stages from falling in love with your creation to hating it. The process began with studying  the brand and understanding who you’re designing for. I enjoyed greatly the challenge of creating a design from scratch within a few weeks from when I knew about the competition. I found it a liberating feeling to finally submit my work.
How did it feel to be selected as the finalist for the Melissa NEXT competition?
It felt incredible, I was not expecting it at all. All my family and friends were very supportive and although I felt positive about my design, I knew I had a lot of good and strong competitors. 
It was my mum from Argentina who first found out on social media. I woke up on the Friday morning with a lot of messages from my friends and family. I must admit I cried a lot. I’m far from home and feeling all this love made my heart burst in joyful tears. 

Keep an eye on our official channels for more info about this new collaboration.

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