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We've been sewing together our stylish narrative with design, history, and collective imagination for four decades now. By combining diversity and creativity in our partnerships, we've come to a solid conclusion: the future is just the beginning. 

Melissa's story revolves around being in synch. We follow the fluidity of cultures and trends, keeping our eyes on emergent – and classic – definitions of beauty. Throughout different moments, Melissa has been a part of fond memories and a representation of a connection that goes beyond boundaries and borders.

Always staying true to our essence after generations, we've been titled as a love brand – a genuine connection between individuals, experiences, and forms of expression.


And now we're setting off on a trip back in time.

Alma & Origem

Our first stop on the Melissa timeline is the Alma & Origem duo – Alma, the flat; Origem, the bag. Both were inspired by the weaves of antique wine bottles that were produced in plastic by the Grendene group in the 70's. This was the embryo of Melissa's birth in Southern Brazil. 

Initially, brothers Alexandre and Pedro Grendene made plastic packaging for large wine bottles until deciding to make the switch to footwear. They first launched Aranha in 79, inspired by the sandals used by fishermen in the French Riviera. Aranha was an immediate success, selling over 200k pairs in the first 60 days and 25 million within the first year. 

40 years later, here we are.

Looking back to the start of it all is a way of reaching the past that brought us here, reinvent the present, and get ready for the future. Is there any better way to celebrate 40?

The first (of many) new 40th anniversary ideas, Alma & Origem got a signature editorial by Pol Kurucz, the French photographer and videomaker who recently swept the World Photography Awards with a series of shots entitled "The Normals".

The late 90's was a decisive time for Melissa. We had a strong comeback, allied with the disruptive posture that fashion was bringing forward. The boom of top models was a major impact on people's behaviors and styles. With the muse image of Claudia Schiffer in mind, Melissa launched the TOP Collection which was decisive for our repositioning.
A rereading of top models from the 90’s

Inspired once again by this scenario, Melissa Model's new release comes from a reimagining of the TOP Collection. A mixture that rescues styles from the past while meeting the needs of the present, without none of the limitations and prejudices of the time. It’s a product that comes ready for its audience, with current features, a bold design, and minimalist lines. Model’s re-launch offers new, exclusive colors that are just part of the surprises in store to celebrate our 40 years.

May the top models of the 90’s inspire you moving forward and facing your challenges, the least of which will be picking out your own Melissa Model.

Star In Love

Get your pop diva on: colorful nostalgia is here to celebrate our 40-year anniversary. Welcome back to the 2000’s.

Originally launched in 2002, it originally showcased the extravagant glam of the times: global movie idols, girl and boy bands, group choreography, and mega flamboyant visuals. 

With the recent wave of comebacks, there’s no way we could leave Star In Love out of Melissa's four-decade anniversary.

Melissa + Helen Kirkum
In our 40th year, we've created a model inspired by 5 historic releases that helped shape our past.

Our year-long trip through time revisited Model, Star In Love, Melissa com Pochete, Speed and Galáxia - all of which were re-released this year for our celebration.

And to make things even more complete, we invited English designer and sneaker collagist Helen Kirkum to dive in and help us with our seventh celebratory model.

She inspired herself in the elements, shapes, and colors of the previous six while not sacrificing any of the fun side Melissas are known for.

The base was inspired by Galáxia, the straps by Model, and details by Star In Love. Not to mention the other range of elements that, combined, gave life to an awesome new creation.

Melissa Core + Helen Kirkum is available at Galerias NY and LDN and also in our virtual store. Click for a closer look.

Recognizing the past as we search for an extraordinary future. Here's to 40 more.  You in?

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