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A new way to create fashion and connect people

In the #citizensofeverywhere project, we teamed up with AWAYTOMARS and invited our fans to co-create right alongside us. After hundreds of ideas and a year of creative processes, the result is in: the biggest collaborative collection in history.
“Our partnership couldn't be more appropriate considering the current moment of creative democratization”
Launched last Saturday at Lisbon Fashion Week, the collab brings you three never-before-seen models. Cosmic Sandal II becomes a platform with glitter detailing, but without sacrificing its uncomplicated essence. 
Our always popular slide gets a reboot that combines inspirations from all around the world and comes with a transparent or shiny finish.
Citizens is futuristic and comfy - showing that practicality and attitude can, and should, coexist.
While you pick out your favorite, why not stop here and read our interview with Alfredo and Marília, founders of AWAYTOMARS?

How was the co-creation process with our fans?  Can you tell us a little about how it went down?

Alfredo: Well, we had started talking with Melissa at the beginning of last year.  Our idea was to do a project involving the entire AWAYTOMARS community and all of Melissa's fans to create a new model of shoe.  So we worked all year and, in August, released #citizensofeverywhere, inviting people to share their proposals.  We got a number of ideas from all around the world and then sat down with Melissa and our community to develop three models that were 100% co-created by the public.  This is the first project we've developed with Melissa and we're extremely satisfied with the result.

"Together we're empowering people to co-create an extraordinary collection, proving that we really can create fashion in a more inclusive way"
From the submission of ideas to the product launch, which stage of the project was the most decisive and why?

Marília: For us, the most decisive stage of the collaboration was choosing the three models from out of the thousands of ideas we received.  There were so many that we really enjoyed.

Alfredo: And we're really happy we completed it, since it's a process that takes time and we tried to involve a little of all the opinions we received.  We were able to synthesize three models that translate AWAYTOMARS' fun playfulness and Melissa's colors and glitter.  It was a perfect combination between the two brands.

How are the models that were created in #citizensofeverywhere connected with AWAYTOMARS' new collection?

Alfredo: The basis of our new collection was to create some discussion, giving space to people who are currently without a voice.  Although we live in a globalized world there are still many people who live in an environment of repression and not of expression.  Our collection means to call attention to these points.  Our esthetic always tries to work the shapes and construction of our clothes on a diagonal.  And that's what we tried to apply to the Melissa models, connecting our brand's design and reworking the pieces' molds.

Marília: The theme of AWAYTOMARS' next collection is space, not only sidereal space but the space that must be given to people so they can express their voices.  So I think that when we were choosing our models, we synthesized every one the voices to create the collab.  Additionally, we always use asymmetry because we believe it to be a much closer approximation to reality.  Everything in nature is somewhat asymmetric.  Everything has it's differences- and we like those differences.  So we're using AWAYTOMARS' DNA to give life to the models.

Click here to see everything about the collab.

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