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A true expression of New Yorkers and the Big Apple itself.
"New York is such a wild, relentless, and incredible place that I’m thrilled to have been able to pay tribute to it and the people who make it everything it is."

When searching for the cast, Sam wanted to reflect New Yorkers' spectrum of sexualities, ages, genders, races, and styles.
"The current landscape of NYC is about owning your own power, defining your own ambitions, and measuring success by your own rules. It's a new frontier being formed."
Director Sam Shannon sign an amazing installation for Galeria Melissa NY followed by an exclusive film and an immersive experience. 

Inspired by the city and how it can be diverse and unique, New Frontiers is an interesting portrait about how young generation is expressing themselves and connecting to each other. 

The film is representative of how the city enables their individuality and self-expression.
To be able to translate all these meanings in such an ambitious project, Sam invited Serena Tea, a dancer and model, Aba Mfrase-Ewuer, a filmmaker and artist, Rhamier Auguste, a creative director and model, Lumia Nocito, an artist and photo assistant, and Jo Rosenthal, a writer, poet and artist. Subjects who represent their own individual diversity.
Show Gallery
New Frontier's main piece is a video that acts as a representation of NYC, New Yorkers themselves, and how Melissa becomes a part of how they live the city on a daily basis.

A special voiceover follows the video written by Olivia Parkes, the script shaped the story with "effervescent words" as Sam describes it. Narrated by the voices of the cast, the words echoes.

Watch it now.
The New Frontier exhibition opens this Friday, September 7th. An exclusive and sensorial experience @ Galeria Melissa New York.

We'll be waiting for your own expression of the city. Don’t miss the photo booth we set specially for the occasion, with Sam’s artwork on the background. You can also be a part of this and having your own identity and style represented. Visitors can have their own photo in an exclusive collage created by Sam Shannon that can be taken in the installation photo booth.

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